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Our mini fantasy league sites offer advertisers an unparalleled opportunity to reach out to a number of different audiences – all highly targeted and highly effective. Whether you are a local advertiser or worldwide brand we can offer you an advertising package to suit your needs.

By their very nature our sites offer 3 types of advertising that you can use to promote your business, services or products to a targeted repeat audience. Something that is unique to our business model that you won’t find anywhere else.

Local & Regional

Since each club creates their own unique URL and mini league, they use this to promote to players and non players alike. This can include parents, families, sponsors, club supporters and other members from the local community.

Each and every week these users visit the clubs site to check on their progress. This people are all based in the local community which gives an local business a great opportunity to promote themselves to this select audience.

Whether you are a butchers or local repair man, showing your advert each and every week to this same audience can help establish your brand and reputation in the local area.

For businesses that wish to advertise on a number of clubs individual websites they can chose to target one or many sites creating a regional advertising campaign.

A major benefit of advertising locally is that you can occupy the same advertising space to the same customers as national and globally recognised brands at a fraction of the cost.


Being a web based advertising channel means that we are able to offer advertising on a national basis across all our individual sites. This gives you maximum exposure to advertise to a large and regularly returning customer base.

Cricket Related

The other advantage of users that visit our site is that they are all related or interested in a single domain – cricket! Whether they are a player or a non player they are all involved with the sport which gives you an opportunity to promote services, brands or products directly related to cricket giving you a much greater click through rate and ultimately a higher success of conversion.

If you would like to talk about advertising opportunities and costs then please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help you out anyway we can.

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